on my way back to the land across the water from the land of the rising sun

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last post on this site for a while. the iron fist that is the might of china will be preventing me from jumping on wordpress.
anyways theres not much to say i guess. as im sure most(the few that actually know about this) of you know im off to the motherland once again. but this time for a good chunk of time.
i actually hope that i can find a job out there making decent money so that i can live in a premium condo that would probably cost me about 50K in USD but be the size of one that you can only get in america for no less than 400K. that would be sweet.

this is not the end, its only the beginning. cant remember where thats from but with that i will not be saying goodbye, just, see ya and peace out homies.



An Unhealthy Adventure pt 1

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thanks to ray ray for coming across this http://thisiswhyyourefat.com/ website. i thought of something that might possibly be a tasty addition to that list one day. ill let the pics speak for themselves.


the final product was not as tasty as i had hoped it would be due to lack of bacon and the poor flavor quality of these lean pockets.

part 2 will consists of pics from tonights outing to gorditos.

Mixtape anyone?

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so i was reading through this complex magazine, which had a funny interview with kobe, and i came across this list of songs for a mixtape produced by olivia munn.
pic just in case you forgot who she is

here goes that list. ill put some links up to some of the songs. if i did for all songs this post would never end.
e-rule -listen up

dead prez – mindsex

nike drake -pink moon
erykah badu – rimshot
janet jackson – anytime anyplace
madonna -crazy for you
prodigy -stuck to you

pllies- please excuse my hands

extreme – more than words

destiny’s child – t-shirt
cymadne – bra

mos def – panties
r kelly – naked
swv – downtown
carl thomas – my valentine
dwele- hold on

aaliyah – its whatever
chris brown – poppin
portishead – glory box

trey songz – sticky face

j.holiday – bed

survivor – eye of the tiger
leon haywood – i wanna do something freaky to you
philly’s most wanted – please dont mind
depeche mode – pleasure, little pleasure
art of noise – moment of love
jodeci- stay
daft punk-one more time

since i no longer dl songs, someone should hook me up with these songs.

also, i noticed that eveyone likes posting pics of the kicks so i will do that in my next post. that way all you can see the >$20 shoes i rock day in and day out.

until next time

“If I had a vag, id be rich”

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Natalie Dylan(not her real name)- came across this name in a forum. she put her virginity up for auction a while ago. i guess she was hoping to make a million, now according to the forum, its up to 3.7 mill. also i read somewhere that she says she got the idea from seein her sister pay for all her college education by prostituting herself out for 3 weeks.

here are some articles on the subject
this ones got more pics

this dudes reply to this post is hilarious
“# natalie dylan needs my monster meat Says:
September 12th, 2008 at 5:19 am

a girl very nice , beautiful girl and has education, the last girl conserve virginity at the moment.
How do you feel when you do a a girl who has education ?
How do you feel when you do her mouth ?
How do you feel when you do her anal ?
Ha , ha very good
I will use over 3.5 millions dollars to get her .
I will take away the virginity of 3 holes
her mouth $500,000
her tight little sphincter $ 1,000,000
her virgin pussy $1, 000, 000
Do you think how ?
and How do you think now when her hands are tied ?
There is method earn money at modern century
There is method satisfy the sexual desire at modern century”

i dunno if popping this breezy cherry is worth that much and i can bet its gonna be terrible.

your boy 李